SEND FAQ: What can I do to help my child’s speech and language?

I don’t think my child’s speech and language is progressing as I would expect. How can I help my child?

First, we need to clarify whether your concerns are around the way they speak or their understanding (e.g. following instructions or answering questions about their reading book). If your child seems to ask you to repeat things a lot, or has a lot of colds or catarrh (excessive mucus), you may wish to discuss this with your GP or the school and they will arrange for a hearing test.

If you are concerned about the way your child speaks, you can find further support here.

Information about phone drop ins for addition advice and support from a speech and language therapist can be found here.

When you are talking to your child, make sure you are in a good listening environment. For example, no background noise (turn the television off) and sit where your child can see you easily. If you ask a question, give your child time to answer. Encourage them with a positive response and repeat their sentence back to them, making any corrections needed in order to model correct pronunciation and sentence structure.

If you still have concerns or further questions, contact the SENDCo on