General Health Advice and Infection Control

Good attendance at school is important. There are many health conditions which it is perfectly safe and  acceptable for children to attend school with. We are happy to work with parents to support this. This includes signposting parents to where they can find medical advice, supporting children with prescribed medication in school in the short-term, to the ongoing management of more long term medical conditions.

Below are links to websites which provide useful advice about different health conditions.

Although it is safe to attend school with many different health conditions, there is a requirement for children to remain off school if they have certain conditions. Please use the link below to find out about the restrictions on attendance for different conditions.


Covid 19 – Guidance

In April 2022, formal restrictions regarding Covid 19 were lifted. However, guidance is that where a child has symptoms and tests positive, they should isolate for 3 days. As always, seek medical advice if you are concerned about your child’s health.

Below is a range of documentation which was developed over the two years of the outbreak.

Documentation for parents

We use Seesaw as our home learning platform. We encourage parents to read our Remote Learning Statement so that pupils and their parents know what to expect if they need to self-isolate, or where national or local restrictions require them to remain at home.

You can read our School Strategy for Catch-Up Funding here.

Our school’s Risk Assessment can be found here.

Our school’s Ventilation Inspection Checklist can be found here. 

Our school’s Covid 19 Outbreak Management Plan can be found here.

Ideas for the holidays

Lancashire County Council produced some ideas for keeping children entertained over the summer holidays. You might find them useful at the weekends or other school holiday periods too. You can find them here:

Guidance letter, Keep on reading, Keep on with maths, indoors, outdoors, dinosaurs, Roald Dahl, seaside, space, tigers.

Safeguarding and well-being

These resources have been designed to support families during this time:
A child-friendly booklet to help understand the coronavirus, recommended by Lancashire County Council
Helping children cope with stress during coronavirus from the World Health Organisation
Parental tips for those self-isolating
Anxiety Booklet: a booklet about what anxiety is, how to spot the signs, tips for parents, tips for young people and where you can find more help
Happiness Booklet: a booklet about what is happiness, how can we nurture happiness, why a sense of purpose matters, top tips and where to find more

Our well-being email is being monitored regularly. If you have any questions you would like answered, or anything you would like to tell us, please email us on [email protected].

Here you can find the school’s regularly updated COVID-19 Annex to our Child Protection Policy.
Here you can find the risk assessment for children we are currently following.

Risk Assessment from September 2021

EAL Support

Lancashire County Council have been creating home learning resources for EAL pupils.  They keep adding new resources to this as they are developed and by using the link below, our Moorside learners who would like to practise extra language games and activities, can continue their learning online. Please click on the ‘Primary’ tab to access the resources.  Please let us know if they are useful and if we can support you in any other way.

Other links

For advice on the coronavirus and COVID-19 visit the NHS website.

For those of you who have not seen it yet, please visit our Facebook page to see the video the teachers have made for all our children at home last summer.